Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A storybook life

Wouldn't you just know that Jan Brett lives in a house like this? And raises chickens (I can't bring myself to use the article's phrase of "ornamental poultry").

She met her husband, a bassist for the Boston symphony, while taking flying lessons. He caught sight of her flying upside down in an open cockpit. And she runs marathons and travels and describes herself as "very cluttery."

No wonder she creates such wonderful books. A fully lived life is bound to engender lots of stories. I love the illustrations in The Mitten, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary -- all the wonderful details to discover, more every time you read the book. Brett says she works at the pace of an inch an hour!

It's a good thing she works so hard to do what she does. Otherwise, I might feel just a tad jealous.