Thursday, March 11, 2010

About the author

Yesterday I got an email from someone who told me she read my entire blog and found very little personal information on it. She was trying to write an introduction about me for an authors' reception this week and couldn't do it based on the blog. I was kind of taken aback, to tell the truth. I know I'm a private person, but felt like this is one place where I put myself out there a bit.

Reflecting on it, though, I realized she was right. I share my ideas and feelings here, but not much personal information. My thoughts were that the blog is about children's literature, not me.

But since I had to send her some sort of bio, I thought I might as well share it here too. Even if I can't imagine anyone finding it very interesting.
  • My "day job" is creating communications for KnowledgeWorks Foundation, which is working to spark innovation in education, particularly high schools. I do a mean PowerPoint.
  • I worked for many years as a corporate communications consultant, and my insistence on learning about the audience firsthand led me to such varied things as traveling on a towboat on the Ohio and working a commercial laundry collection route.
  • I'm an armchair genealogist, meaning that I have collected all the information on my family I could find on the internet and am able to report that I am a descendant of King Edward III of England. (No need to bow.)
  • For a brief period, I worked at Mademoiselle magazine, but unlike Sylvia Plath did not get a novel out of the experience. I did get to meet Dr. Ruth.
  • I never went to kindergarten, my favorite place is the beach, I'm allergic to bees, my biggest regret is not traveling more and my thumbs are double-jointed. But that's more than anyone would want to know.
Aren't things like that the hardest writing assignments in the world?