Friday, July 10, 2009

Kids say the...

The best thing about getting a story I made up published in book form is sharing it with kids. I love hearing what they have to say and hearing stories about them asking for it to be read a third time in a row or not wanting to return it to the library. I am so honored to be part of any child's reading experience!

Students in Ms. Hughes' first-grade class wrote about the book in their journals -- help with the creative spelling provided by Ms. Hughes:

Emma: What I like about Maggie's Monkeys was when I found out that the monkeys lived in the refregaraer.

Gustavo: Maggie's Monkeys. Yes I liked the story. It was fun. I like the part when his setr (sister) inided (invited) her brudr (brother to the tea party) and her brudr set on the monkey's lap.

Rain: I love the part when they say that the monkeys are hiding behind the alivds (olives).

Peyton: I like in the book when her dad said they hid behnd the oluvs.

Makenna: I liked the pictures in the book Maggie's Monkeys. And the name of the story.

Grace: Maggie's Monkeys is a silly story because it is about a girl that thinks that she has monkeysin her refrigrater.

Haidy: I liked when she said no! when a boy almost opend the refiriforator. It was funny.

Meredith: I love the book of Maggie's Monkeys. I like the part when tears were coming out.

Hannah: I like the part of Maggie's Monkeys when they moved to the rifrijerater. That was funny. Haha.

Abby: I liked when they were pink and they got in the bath and they hid behinde the oluvs.

And students age 6 to 9 in Ms. Roark's class sent me letters:

Azaan: I like when you said they were polar monkeys, an
d they hid behind the olives, when olives are small and monkey are big.

Spencer: I like the book because I like monkeys. Will you give us your next book too?

Abysinnia: It was really funny when Kate dressed up the pink polar monkes. what wher you thinking about when you did monkeys and not zebras?

Emma: I hope you get relly famus and rich$$$$.

Ray: Why did you make the middle-aged brother not understand his parents were joking?

And I'm thrilled that Mariah B. sent me her version of the cover.