Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Preying on my mind

The immediacy and connectedness of the internet create some interesting dilemmas for writers. I follow a few editors' blogs and Twitter comments, which is great for helping me stay aware of what it's like on their end of the slush pile. They're also good reads -- it's no surprise that editors are good writers and interesting people.

But it gets weird when I've actually submitted to one of those editors. Yesterday I got a request for a full manuscript from an editor I'd really love to work with, and later in the day saw a tweet from her about making a decision on a manuscript she thinks would sell but hasn't captured her heart.

How I wanted to mention that tweet to her -- to encourage her to wait for something she falls in love with, whether it's my story or someone else's. But I think that would feel too weird and stalker-ish. I know editors view writers doing research into the market and publishing houses as a good thing, but how does it feel when we research them? They send blog posts and tweets out there into the world at large, so it's not exactly like pawing through their garbage. Is it?

I suppose it's also possible that this editor could google me and find my blog -- this post, even -- so it could work both ways. Theoretically. Though an editor who tried to check out blogs for every writer who submitted to her would have no time for anything else.

I think I'll err on the side of caution and not say anything. But I'm sending a message out into the ether: Please, all you wonderful editors who are deciding which books will end up in children's hands, follow your hearts.