Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dream of Night

Congratulations to Heather Henson on the publication of Dream of Night, which releases today from Atheneum.
Once full of promise and life, now lost in the shadows of abuse. This is Dream of Night’s story—and it is also Shiloh’s. One is a Thoroughbred racehorse, the other a twelve-year-old foster child. By chance they both find themselves under the care of Jessalyn DiLima—a final stop for each before the state takes more drastic measures. If this doesn’t work out, the girl will be sent to a “residential facility” and the horse to a vet . . . for euthanizing.This is their last chance, so why are they both so resistant? And why can’t they see that Jessie’s life is not as easy as it seems? She fosters animals and children like them for a reason—she’s a little broken too. And, like Shiloh and Dream of Night, Jessie knows what it means to have lost nearly everything you love. A story of hope and healing, Dream of Night reminds us all that the most important bonds in life are never forged by force, and that the darkness of night will eventually give way to dawn.
I had the chance to read an advance copy and it's a wonderful story, told masterfully. It uses alternating points of view -- including that of the horse -- and all three voices are convincing. I wouldn't have thought anyone could pull off writing in the voice of an abused racehorse, but Heather manages it. As impressive as that is, though, the poignancy of Shiloh and Jess, each with their own pain and need, are the heart of this moving story.

For those of you in Cincinnati, she'll be signing books at The Blue Marble on Thursday.