Friday, August 21, 2009

Brushing Mom's Hair

Readergirlz just gave a lovely review to my friend Andrea's about-to-be-published book, Brushing Mom's Hair. I can't wait for this book to reach readers, as it is such a candid and moving story based on Andrea's own experience with breast cancer and her daughter Ann's journey through the illness. While the official publication date is September, it's available now in some places.

The Goddess of YA Literature also liked the way "the short poems reveal the tiny stings and surprises that make you catch your breath and remember what it is like to live with the fear of losing someone you love, to live holding your breath sometimes."

Few of us haven't been touched by breast cancer, but whether or not someone you love has been affected, Andrea's book is a must-read. She doesn't blink when it comes to talking about the hardest moments -- her straightforward yet poetic voice is perfect for this topic. Here's the quote Kirkus Reviews chose to highlight, when Ann is unable to talk about her mother's illness with her friends:

I don't say,
My mom
had both her breasts cut off
and now she has stitches
covered by bandages
where they were.