Monday, January 25, 2010

Making connections

Last week was a good one for hearing from people who have read Maggie's Monkeys. First there was the interaction with Ms. Smits and her class, which seemed to cheer up the teacher and students as much as it did me. (See my previous post.)

I loved seeing MM on their Shelfari shelf.

Then there was this blurb in Storytime 101: Alien Ants and Spiderman Underpants (don't you love that subtitle?):
Maggie's Monkeys, by Linda Sanders-Wells. This book is definitely worth checking out or buying so you can read it several times with your child. It has a beautiful but subtle lesson about family loyalty and being a good big brother (or sister). I didn't have this book on Tuesday, so if you came that day, please get ahold of this book! It's wonderful.
People like Sandra Smits and Teresa Klepinger, who is the "Storylady" at her local library, are our best hope for raising future generations of readers. Thanks to both of you for your work with children. I'm thrilled that you shared my story with the kids around you.