Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Writing ... or not

Fellow writers:

Does blogging count as writing -- or does it keep you from writing?

I've been blogging for six months now and am starting to wonder whether it's worthwhile as an exercise that at least keeps me engaged in the world of children's literature or if it's simply a distraction from doing real writing. And by real, I mean the stuff that results in manuscripts that can be sent to editors and has at least a remote chance of getting published. (I know that's not what "real" writing is for every writer, but that's what it is for me. The remote chance of getting published implies it's a work of substance and quality, so I hope it doesn't sound like my goals for my own writing are shallow.)

For some writers, blogging may be a form of discipline or a motivation to keep fingers moving on the keyboard. But writing is my day job too. I spend 40+ hours a week focused on words and communication. I don't need a blog to force me to put words on paper (metaphorically speaking). Maybe I should be spending this time -- yes, this very minute! -- doing my real writing.

On the other hand, I blog in short bursts of an hour or so. Which is not quite enough time to get into the right head space and work on a manuscript. And at least it does keep me thinking about kids and kids' books, even if it hasn't sparked the give-and-take that I'd originally hoped.

So is it worth continuing? I don't know.